emLine Enterprise Software Solutions for Environment, Health, & Safety Enterprise Software Solutions for Environment, Health, & Safety Enterprise Software Solutions for Environment, Health, & Safety
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Architecture - Current technology for your secure Intranet or Internet.

The emLine system is built on a robust, high-performance web-based software architecture.  Using best practices and advanced software engineering methodologies, ProjectLine has developed emLine based on current Microsoft .NET technologies including ASP.NET and Web Services.  emLine’s standards-based Web Services Architecture provides an unparalleled platform for integration with other corporate applications.

Security - Protect your investment.

The robust security capabilities of emLine control access to both data and system functionality with a role-based security model.  The emLine system has been designed to be integrated with corporate security policies while providing flexibility to address specialized departmental requirements.  emLine also provides an audit trail for all elements of the system and complete historical journaling where required.

Interoperability - Integrate emLine with existing information systems.

emLine’s Web Services architecture lets other corporate applications share data, and—more powerfully—invoke capabilities from emLine.  Other corporate business systems, devices and standalone applications can access emLine across the Internet using industry-standard protocols such as XML and SOAP without regard to how those applications were built or what operating system or platform they run on.  For our customers, this means that they can integrate emLine with their existing business systems infrastructure, preserve existing investments and gain the efficiencies associated with a truly integrated system.

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